Valentino is a renowned Italian fashion house and over the years it has established itself as an iconic name in the fashion industry. Many associate the name with elegant and luxury clothing and footwear. In fact the Valentino collection has always had that unique stylish look that has set it apart from other brands.

The Valentino Fashion Group S.p.A started off in Italy, but it is now spread internationally, in more than 85 different countries. The company prides itself of more than 700 single-brand retail outlets, apart from 112 directly-managed outlets.

The Valentino, Valentino Roma, Valentino Garavani and RED Valentino are all brands that fall under the Valentino umbrella. Apart from this the Valentino Fashion Group S.p.A also owns well-known licensed brands, including Lebole, Oxon, Portrait, MCS Marlboro Classics and M Missoni.

The company has come very far indeed since being established back in the 1960’s. The founder, Valentino Garavani opened his first couture house in Rome in 1959, after having spent a number of years working in Paris. A year later he met Giancarlo Giammetti, who later on became his principal business partner. In fact they founded the fashion house together later on in 1965.

Through the years the brand received much acclaim. In 1968, for instance, their all-white collection was highly successful. Celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy, Julia Roberts, Princess Margaret and Gwyneth Paltrow, were Valentino clients, and this inevitably further strengthened the company’s brand image.

Over the years Valentino was not just about clothing, but footwear, accessories, eyewear and perfumes also started to be introduced, for both men and women. Since clients’ needs and preferences tend to change from one decade to another, it was critical for the company to move along with such trends. Valentino did this successfully by maintaining the label’s distinctive formula of combining stylishness with timelessness.

A clear example of this are the Valentino Rockrunner trainers and sliders. Despite being very trendy, they still look well-designed in an inimitable way. The Valentino’s signature Rockstud and Rockrunner footwear collection comprises a series of stylish shoes, all made from the highest quality materials and with very stylish designs. Using their unparalleled designer experience the Valentino brand brought to the market this sneakers and sliders which offer a variety of patterns and textures for clients to choose from. Contemporary designs which are still very chic, as is common with the Valentino brand, these footwear collections are renowned internationally.

The Valentino Rockrunner trainers are made from leather, canvas and suede. You will find the classic Rockstud embellishments incorporated in their design in one way of another. These Valentino trainers are not only about a unique sense of style, but also comfort, as the pyramid rubber soles are a given in all of these trainers and sneakers. From neutral colors to camouflage prints, you will be spoilt for choice with these distinctive Valentino trainers.

The Valentino sliders are also very popular. Sliders do not have to be commonplace just because they are worn casually. Valentino offers a diversified collection of sliders, which look highly fashionable and stylish. Valentino sliders comprise moulded, contoured foot beds for additional comfort, and they are made from the highest quality materials. Comfortable and stylish, Valentino sliders come in a wide range of colors, motifs and prints, to suit different tastes and preferences.

Without a doubt, Valentino is a clear example of how a brand can manage to incorporate a chic style with a trendy one. No wonder the company has clients of different ages and genders, from all over the world, and has managed to retain its solid reputation for all these years.



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