MEYER Trousers are one of the leading European specialists for men’s trousers. Founded in 1960 today the family company enjoys the loyalty of over 5000 trading partners in over 35 countries. Behind this success story, there’s a strict requirement: The MEYER quality is in the detail! Premium quality materials, excellent fits and functional details are what make MEYER Trousers so special. Exclusive use of high-quality materials and outer fabrics, processed by renowned European suppliers and weavers - principally from Germany, Italy and Portugal - create the soft and pleasant feel of every pair of MEYER Trousers. All jeans and cotton trousers are pre-washed in their special laundry system, so they don’t shrink when you wash them at home. This is what makes them so special and why here at Designer Outlet Sales we are happy to present the best selection at the very best prices.
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