Since its inception in 1966 VANS has become a cultural icon. VANS SKATEBOARDING are true giants of the skate shoe scene with everyone having their favourite - from their Classic Slip On and Sk8 Hi, to Old Skool, Half Cab and Authentics. When Paul and James Van Doren and Gordon C. Lee opened a store named "The Van Doren Rubber Company" in Anaheim, California selling trainers for $2.49 they could never have imagined what a seminal role VANS would play not just in skating and skate footwear but in wider American and global youth culture. There are few brands like VANS which traverse bounderies and can be seen on t-shirts, sweats, accessories and trainers across genres and ages. At DESIGNER OUTLET SALES we are very excited to have the best and newest VANS footwear clothing and accessories at unbeatable prices.